I have always been dreaming of representing the national football team from my very early days of childhood. I was fortunate to have many good friends who supported me from the beginning. And blessed with parents who never involved or insisted on choosing my career. For years together I spent hours on practicing, aspiring to become a star one day and represent the nation.

By the time, I reached college I had represented district twice, and was striving to get into the University Team. Practice again, went on in full swing. In the chilled early mornings of December and Jan I use to take my kit and cycled all the way to our Football Stadium, when my friends, cuddled to their pillows in their cots or maybe reading the daily, sipping a cup of tea.

With my bundle of dreams I, pushed myself harder and harder. Yet the best part is that I did it with passion.

One fine morning while practicing, my coach summoned me in the middle of the session. I was bit confused and scared as well and thought if I did any mistake in the field. I went close to him as if a kid to his mother and stood obediently for a while. As usual, he stared at me with his rough face, but this time, slowly smiled and told. “You are selected for the Probable 30 for the STATE FOOTBALL COACHING CAMP” and explained that it is based on the performance in the just concluded Inter-district matches. That reminded me of my goal in the tournament. With Gods grace I scored the match winning goal in quarter final for our team, by which we entered the semi-finals in that tournament.

I jumped with ecstasy and my joy found no boundaries. In a weeks time I was told to report to the STATE CAMP and I promptly did. We had coaching for about one month and unfortunately I got eliminated in the first round and the selectors reduced the strength from 30 to 19.

Then I realized one thing. There were many who worked harder than me.

I reached back home and practiced for the next year. And next and next and next…And I found many new players who are very talented and much better than me, yet not able to even represent the District level teams….Even they are practicing day in and day out……Sweating out harder and harder……..I hope some of them have the same dreams what I had…and they will do it one day.....I am sure.......ALL THE BEST BUDDIES…..WORK HARDER AND HARDER…..NO ONE CAN STOP YOU......YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Even I heard many of them did well and blessed to represent various levels and got placed in many good corporates and Govt departments as players. Good Job !!!


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a nice post. Very inspiring.

Steady On,
Reggie Girl

nsiyer said...

Harder and smarter may be the need. Incidents sometime disappoint but the journey is the key.

satya said...

Hey Narayan.

Very nice to know about ur passion for sports

Strawberry Girl said...
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Strawberry Girl said...

Your right, there are sometimes others who have worked harder. But did you know that, as you sweated out your mornings? You worked harder than the other people that you knew, could you predict that there were others still working harder? Theoretically you could devote all your time to working at something, but then your life will be out of balance. Can you accept living a life without balance? If you can then you can be obsessed with that one thing and work "harder" at it. If you cannot accept an unbalanced life, then you will not let one thing dominate your life. It is all relative and all up to you. :0)

Narayanan Hariharan said...

Hi Straw....well said.....and thax for your comments:)

Smita Tewari said...

BRAVO! Kee it up! Remember you have youth on your side, so much is ahead of you! Don't let anything get you down!